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Donna Livingston, owner of Los Angeles, California-based Interior Design firm, Donna Livingston Design, offers sophisticated and modern Interior Design & Interior Decorating services to residential and commercial clients across the United States.



Through the comfort and convenience of Zoom meetings, the team of Donna Livingston Designs is available for in-depth consultations, bringing 30 years of experience and a wide array of space planning and material selection options for all types of projects from traditional to contemporary.

Interior Architecture

It’s all about proportion and balance — be it a residential or commercial project. This is where the expert team at Donna Livingston Design comes to the fore in creating the perfect setting skillfully incorporating architectural detailing, appointments and materials for a seamless look from inside to out.

Design Management

From start to finish, the team at Donna Livingston Design is known for managing every aspect of a project, assuring that every detail is taken care of — from ordering those extra-special items to delivery to installation and providing the finishing touches in every space.

Planning and Scheduling

Time is of the essence, as the saying goes, and this applies even more so to completing a project wherever it is — something that the team at Donna Livingston Design has excelled at over the decades when it comes to planning and scheduling both large and small-scale projects across the country.

Space Planning

A door here or a window there…or removing walls or expanding a room are all important stylistic and architectural decisions that can dramatically change the look and feel of a space. This is where the space planning expertise of Donna Livingston Design can create a custom interior just for you and the way you use a room.

3D Renderings

With years of experience at offering CAD drawings, the team at Donna Livingston Design will present 3D renderings of your new spaces, complete with architectural details, furniture arrangements and options to change out colors, furnishings, artwork and more for the perfect living and working environment.

Material Selection

With literally a world of fabrics, woods, paints, colors, textures, lighting fixtures and more to choose from, Donna Livingston Design makes the process as effortless as possible with international resources at their fingertips and craftspeople at the ready to create a look that is all about you.

Custom Drapery, Upholstery, Furniture

Transforming a space from ordinary into extraordinary is a hallmark of Donna Livingston Design where bespoke touches to a room such as finely-tailored drapery and upholstery and the perfect style and scale of furniture and accessories bring world-class design to all your interiors. 


Our white-glove installation services and personal supervision make the installation process a smooth and stress-free one with our decades of dedication to ensuring a great project literally from start to finish. 



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