The Carlyle.

The Carlyle Overview

Warm and vibrant hues set the tone for the remodeling of this Beverly Hills condo with Asian influences. It is the juxtaposition of vivid colors, lush fabrics and rich patterns that creates the aura of relaxed yet sophisticated livability for which DLD is known. Add to this the personal touches of artistry in this top interior as expressed in the wall décor and sculptures, both of which are reflective of an Asian sensibility. The decidedly feminine aesthetic, with the multiple curved elements — from jewel-toned vases and ornate frames to the jacquard-upholstered bed and shelf after shelf of built-in shoe storage — the result is a highly individualized interior design that represents the homeowner in the best ways.

Overall, this home’s architectural interior exudes an upscale quality that places it on par with the Architectural Digest Top 100. Yet it retains the playful joie de vivre that makes this design so welcoming and inviting.


This was a design project that took a “raw” concrete space and brought it to life in 3 months.  The elevator opened into a chic and glamorous apartment that welcomed sophisticated entertaining and views. It was a brand new building that became the hottest condominium development on Wilshire Blvd.


This project was all about beginning again. It took an extreme amount of coordination and organization with workmen, vendors and installers to transform this concrete shell into my very personal space in such a short period of time. I even helped paint the ceilings, that’s how enthusiastic I was to see this space completed. And I created a video which I called “Begin Again” to show how this project came together. And now I really enjoy my own environment which is filled with my timeless design aesthetic. I don’t think I want to change or move because I love where I am.

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